About Me

I was a journalist for many years and in London reviewed  art, books and theatre, while writing fantasy in my spare time. I published FANTASY BOOK OF FOOD : rhymes, stories and recipes for children and FIVE RIDES BY A RIVER: a book about Suffolk, seen from a bicycle! And I published short stories with the British Fantasy Society and other magazines as well as poetry. I wrote a chapter for a book about Conroy Maddox, the British surrealist and wrote on art for Topos, the German landscape magazine.

Now I live in Crete – a fascinating island that has inspired much of my work and combines a colourful past with a present a little tarnished by the economic crisis. But Cretans are resilient.

I launched WORDWEAVERS – writers who publish in a supplement online, which I compile with the help of Harvey Smith who edits the monthly newsletter of the Cretan International Community.

If you would like to air your words online in Wordweavers, do send your work to me at


and, if suitable, I’ll include it in the supplement which appears at least twice a year. I’m looking basically for fiction and poetry with optional illustrations, including photographs, but other work such as features and reviews is welcome. If you are interested, I’ll send you a sample of the supplement.

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