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Meet the Muffkins


Enjoy my latest story for children –

“The Muffkins and the Magic Fernseed”



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The Muffkins – Willie, Millie and their parents are a family of toys, weary of being badly treated by Big Bunty. In this story – they hear Bunty’s mother tell her a tale about magic fernseed that can cause invisibility.

When the Muffkins are washed downstream in a flood after heavy rain, Willie suggests they find this magic fernseed so they may be invisible and no longer tormented by children. To cast the spell it has to be Midsummer and they need a pewter plate and a forked hazel branch.

After Willie’s adventure in a kitchen with a hungry cat, the items are found and the spell cast, so the Muffkins are invisible and able to live happily at last among the mystified villagers.