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What would you do if a genie suddenly appeared in your back garden declaring he could make your dreams come true?


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In my new children’s book  “The Jinni of Dreams”, published with Smashwords, Lissie and Brin are feeding Randy, Brin’s rabbit, when the jinni appears. He claims he can grant what they want if they carry out some tricky tasks. They agree to try.

There is Trog, the giant toad, wreaking havoc, to tackle Drusilla, a daunting sorceress, to be exterminated and Harry the horseman’s head, to restore.

The children move through strange lands and on the way meet Dilly Nilly – a little girl turned by Drusilla into a  whimsical creature of the hills. But all ends well, thanks to the jinni, who is amazed at the pettiness of people’s dreams.