Donkeys defined Santorini when I visited. In my book “On the Island of Fire” – four fantasies for children set on Santorini published with Smashwords – Alizides, a donkey, appears in the first tale “The White Wings”. He dreams he is Pegasus who helped Bellerophon defeat the formidable Chimaera and for some magical moments he is transformed from beast of burden to hero.


I have visited the volcano several times – its eruption in around 1600BC – was catastrophic and it  remains capable of devastation. In the second story “The Earthquake”, a boy, wandering on the volcano, meets Typhon, the tangled monster causing chaos inside the crater.

The sea. where fishermen venture in gale force winds, breaks on black sand and it is easy to imagine momentous events beneath the waves.  In “Falling Stars”two children stumble upon Atlas, resting from his task of supporting the world, and one wonders what fishermen might have encountered on their precarious forays after fish.

The final tale recalls harpies – those mythical creatures, part bird, part woman. In “The Harpies Move Home” a group takes off for a fresh location, rattling holidaymakers on Santorini en route. I hope you enjoy these tall stories and if you have not already been to the island, venture there – to be instantly seduced – without delay!

If you would like to read or download this book, please click on the cover image above: this will take you to Smashwords download page. Here, by scrolling down, you can also view my other works.


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