2---Sven,-Fifi,-SnurkI hope you are enjoying the adventures of Fifi and the Swiftifoots, especially the extraordinary pictures by Diana Munz. I have been talking to Diana about her work and she has given me fascinating insights into how she creates. She says, “Drawing has always been  a central part of my life. I don’t remember my first pictures but I remember the first years in playschool where I drew cats, trees and birds. Our playschool was an inspiration, the teachers showing us different tehniques and encouraging us to create. At home my dad often drew pictures with me and my brothers.

“I seek inspiration everywhere. I’m not influenced by any artist in particular but the pictures of Swedish artists John Bauer and Elsa Beskow appeared in many of the books I read as a child and they still fascinate me. “I have a picture in my mind before I start but smaller details emerge as I draw.”She generally uses black pigment liners with different thicknesses and thick sketch paper.

Diana is self taught and would some day like to have formal training.  But would this impede her imaginative flow?

“I have tons of ideas – both for photo art and black and white drawings. I’m planning some black and white still  life studies with food and other arrangements.” She is drawn to inspired commercial photography and the more creative imagery of glossy magazines.  But it is her imaginative transformations that reveal a rare and intriguing talent.


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