Children to the Rescue



My two latest stories, THE BAMBOOZLING OF BAZALOB and THE FLYING SHOES are about children who are pitched unexpectedly into bids to rescue 2nd-proof-COVER-bazslobother children in a pickle. The book is published FREE with Smashwords.
In THE BAMBOOZLING OF BAZALOB  Derry and Jude set out to rescue their cousin Katie from Bazalob – a gross mix of bird, beast and fish. They travel in a giant pot found in the attic, whose spirit, Mikono, helps them in their quest. On the way they meeting bouncing Blodder, tetchy Gingali and reluctant Sydney – strange beings who nonetheless each have a role in the rescue. Luckily Bazalob is susceptible to a certain fatal fruit which the children find……
In THE FLYING SHOES Sissy and Sam climb into two giant shoes they find in a field. They are carried away to the horrible house of Slobsky, a child-eating giant. There they meet Milly and Moll, his disgruntled daughters and Wendy, imprisoned in a wheel.  And another rescue mission is underway.



=====<>T I M E   S P H E R E<>=====

In Crete I belong to a writers’ group, meeting once a fortnight to read what we or other authors have written on a specific subject and to explore ways of expression  - from humour to despair. Most of us are publishing, either online or with other publishers, and here I would like to mention TIME SPHERE – a book for young people  -  the first by M.C. Morison – one of our members.

This is a tale of a teenager, mysteriously embroiled in the Egyptian past. It is a compelling and painstaking encounter with the classic concept of good and evil. The main character, Rhory, is borne from the predictable present to contend with black arts and the riddle of the Time Sphere, which if solved will prevent the Society of Secrets from controlling time for their own dark ends. This is a magical dimension of time travel, ideal for readers in their early teens.

The book is published by John Hunt  Publishing Ltd and  may be bought by visiting the “ordering” section on their website(



FINAL-proof-clum-coverI’m resuming the publication of children’s books, which I hope will entertain and stir the imagination! Just out with Smashwords is CLUMSILLA’S FLIGHT THROUGH TIME and TAMING OF THE TOKHASHI – two stories that whisk children from their everyday lives to lands of fluctuating dangers and delights.

Clumsilla is an ungainly girl whose life is transformed when she meets Zigana, a celestial gipsy enabling travel through time and who has Clumsilla wishing her way to past and future on the fading family hearthrug (no magic carpet here!) Clumsilla arrives in the Land of Legend and Lost Moments where she finds Shirin and Laila; Persian princesses,  the quarrelsome giants,  Brawn and Scrawn, Beldina the witch with Bast, her cat and Huff, a dragon who fails to breathe fire. They all end up in the future and a smouldering community of Wolgs – fiendish fiery beings, from whom they narrowly escape.

TAMING OF THE TOKHASHI is another adventure through  time, visiting a Far East transformed by a magical force of nature and the threat of the monster, Tokhashi. Topsy and Turvy are conjured from the evil pot of Zazhak – an unsavoury being who wants them to fetch him the Tokhashi from the Mountains of Mishap and Gloom. But he does not reckon with Viana, a kindly earth spirit who protects the children from disaster, as they move through strange encounters with a phoenix, a resurrected prince and princess, a lost Indian elephant and a selection of unruly nature gods.

Gods and Green Fingers


5th-Green-Fingers-COVERIf you love plants and would like to delve into their mythology before successfully growing them yourself, you will enjoy GODS AND GREEN FINGERS, the book I have just published with Smashwords. Click on the cover (right) for a link to my book page to download. In this book, I unearth the past of  plants, from  unassuming flowers to flamboyant curiosities, and offer tips on how to help them flourish. In between are short stories  which challenge the image of the garden as a sanctuary. What happens, for instance, if someone is inextricably trapped in a maze? What fairy creatures lurk in our well tended borders? And what if a plant attacks its grower?

In this combination of  useful fact and diverting fiction, I recall some of the most perturbing myths devised by man. The  white hellebore, for instance, was said to have grown most strikingly on Mount Oeta, where Heracles decided to die on a funeral pyre. He had pushed his luck by taking a mistress while married to Deianeira. No longer young, she sought the centaur Nessus, hearing he had a love charm that might focus her husband’s roving eye on her.

One version of her encounter with Nessus, claims she spread the shirt woven for her husband’s return, with the mysterious mixture Nessus gave her. She was alarmed to see the remains of the wool she had used,  burn and bubble with red foam when she threw it away. Had Nessus deceived her?

When Heracles put on the shirt he was racked with pain. The mixture may have had poison from the Hydra which flowed in Nessus’ blood. Heracles tried ripping off the shirt but it clung and his flesh came away with it. That was when he built the pyre. As he died, thunderbolts fell and demolished the pyre. The hellebores were no doubt smoke smothered witnesses.

Other tales are gentler and in their wake is the encouragement to grow the plants that inspired them and create ever-changing plots of coalescing colour. And there are suggestions for gardens created from rocks and based on painters’ palettes.

This book may be downloaded free for one month, so don’t delay in adding to your knowledge and understanding of plants – wild and consciously cultivated.

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1st-proof-COVER-WEIRDHello!    Sorry for the long lack of communication!   I’ve been enjoying the extended Cretan summer – sun, sea, sand and one earthquake while on the beach!  But not much writing! Now – as the big storms roll in – is the time to start again.   My latest book, published with Smashwords, is A WALK ON THE WEIRD SIDE – a collection of stories reaching beyond the everyday into the improbable and sometimes bizarre. You can download it free from my book page – just click on the cover with this post.  Enjoy the antics of a dwarf who delights a princess, but has strange origins and whose actions have surprising consequences.   Share the thoughts of a man in limbo, whose close friend travels through the music of the spheres.    Join an archaeologist in enchanted territory, on a challenging quest and  enter the experience of a young harpy who finds fulfilment with a human!   These are just a few of the ten tales,  which reveal how  the imagination can convey you to curious corners of the mind, where dreams, instincts and audacious manifestations, wait for timely release.

Heidi’s House

2-story-HEIDIHello again! Here is my latest collection for children, published with Smashwords and free to download from my book page. In HEIDI’S HOUSE and OTHER RYHMES, a little girl is bewitched by the Fairy Queen. Her voice is stolen, her pigtails are knotted and she has to eat toadstools” until she turns spotted.”.. Luckily her house is anxious enough to grow feet and set out to rescue her!

Quirky events pepper this book – from a fish called Fred who outwits fishermen and turns into a rainbow and Timothy Wright who has  luminous shoes that get tired and run away, to Solomon Tucket who lives in a bucket full of holes and Miss Henshaw, who eats so many apples brought her by a pupil, she turns into one and is rolled to market.

But other poems are simple observations, from the adaptability of a camel and the benefits of spiders to thoughts on the winter wind, rock pools and the stirring of night life in a meadow .

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The Trial of Green Toby

2nd-FINAL-green-toby-coverToby is getting ready for school when he sees his feet have turned GREEN! Alarmed and mystified, he pulls on his socks and sets off. But he is waylaid by a little man who is green from head to toe! As Toby turns even greener, he is whirled away by other little green men, is finally arrested and charged with being green in a public place. What will become of him?

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IMG_0034Welcome! All parents and relations of young readers – to my WISHING WORLD CLUB – an online opportunity to build a library of the children’s books I’m in the process of publishing – for kids from around five or six to eleven years old.

You can download them – FREE – from Smashwords – see below for the first two. I hope they will help with reading and writing, as well as entertaining – and I invite children to write comments about them – even short reviews (in the Wishing World Club page on this site.) 

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